Welcome to 1stFoam

1stFoam always meets and or exceeds building code requirements.

Is it expensive?

Not really! 1stFoam typically allows the consumer to recover the costs with the reduction of heating and cooling bills. Lets face it, the heating and cooling costs never go down.

License Info

All of our installers are fully trained and licensed on the best insulation techniques available, we don't follow, we lead!

Hard to reach areas?

Not a problem for 1st Foam, we are the professional company that will make a difference to your heating costs.

Who We Are

At 1stFoam we take pride in the work no one else will see, but you will feel the difference!

1st Foam reaches all the nooks and crannies making your home as "leak proof as possible". Being Air tight, ensures an energy efficient home.

What We Do

We spray foam insulation! and that's it! Our service area is Ontario, and we also include remote communities.

  • Environmental Concerns
  • Savings
  • Value
  • Safety
  • How long will it take?

What People Are Saying

And a final word from our clients

  • "Rock solid value!"

    Brian Cranston, President of Openflow Solutions
  • "Fast, and reliable!"

    Derek L, President of ABCSC Inc.
  • "I know we made the right decision"

    Monica Ayres, CFO of Laronde Inc.